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Bateti Lake

Bateti Lake

One of the most beautiful lake, located in the Dzama gorge Kareli munisipality, on the north slope of Trialeti chain. 1313 meters above the sea level. The best time to visit is during fall colors of October month, It can be frozen  but also very beautiful after fresh snow. It is also possible to camp in summer. Longer and interesting hiking route can be arranged in the gorge starting from Abukhalo monastery. crossing the Trialeti range to Gurjareti gorge and  Timotesubani church in Borjomi.

Visit Bateti lake Georgia - excursion in Bateti lake

If you turn left at the sign of Tbeti Monastery, you can find your way to a small and beautiful Lake, located near the village of Kodmani (a village in Kareli District, Shida Kartli). It will require 1 hour to ascend on the muddy road to reach the lake. The best time to visit is during fall, as surrounding area is rich with colors.

Camping in Georgia

Camping is possible during Summer and early Autumn. The breadth of the lake is 0.02  and depth is 12m. There is  23 km from Kareli to lake and 3 km. from Tbeti Monasteri. The Lake is a classical landslip lake surrounded by rainforest slopes. The Lake has become a popular destination for weekend getaways, so you have high chances of meeting other people. To conclude Longer and interesting hiking routes can be arranged in Dzama Gorge as well. What’s more Bateti Lake can also be reached from the village of Levitana in Gori, shida qartli Georgia.  Read more 

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