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The balneological health resort Borjomi is situated in the south-east of Georgia in the Agura river gorge at the height of 800m above sea level. This is a picturesque place with large-leaved and coniferous forests surrounded with majestic the Caucasian mountains.

Borjomi georgia resort gained its special reputation owing to mineral sources. The Borjomi mineral waters were mentioned for the first time as early as in the XV century but it only gained wide notoriety when a daughter of Evgeny Golovin viceroy of the Russian Tsar in the Caucasus was cured there.

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One of the sources was named after this girl. The Yekaterinsky spring and the second one after the viceroy himself  the Yevgeniyevsky spring. Borjomi mineral water has become a well known brand and a calling card for Georgia. The sulfuric water’s healing properties are proven to be directly beneficial to the digestive system and metabolism. Today, Borjomi mineral water is sold in over 30 countries.  what’s more Samples and history of the brand can be found in the Museum of Local Lore. The primary water source is found in Borjomi Central Park. Read more

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