Georgian Voyage / David Gareja

David Gareja is located among the numerous cultural monuments of Georgian feudal time by its majesty and historical value. The part of the complex is located outside of Kakheti, in Gareji Rocky Mountains and stretches on 25 kilometers. Even today, Gareja surprises visitors by its construction and wall paintings of a high artistic level. The private art school of fresco painting functioned in the Udabno monastery.  Gareji art school represents one of the most significant events in the cultural life of medieval Georgia. Read more about David Gareja in Georgia

Excursion In David Gareja

Gareji frescos preserved the portraits of historical figures: David the Builder, Demetre I and Lasha-George. The Bertubani Monastery has conserved other interesting frescos as well which date back to 1212 – 1213. On the wall of the main temple of Bertubani Monastery, the Virgin and youth are depicted together on the throne. This kind of iconography was broadly spread in the Christian East. On the lower part of the altar, you can notice Byzantine St. Fathers – Basil Caesar and John Okropiri together with other priests.

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