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Dmanisi Georgia

Dmanisi Georgia – Home of Europe’s oldest human skull discovered.  (The hominin site is the earliest of its kind outside of Africa. Dating back to 1.81 ml years) is located in southern Georgia, Kvemo Kartli region. It has been inhabited since the Early Bronze Age and was later an important stop on the Silk Road.The original name of the town was Bashkechit which is Azeri for “main route”.

Dmanisi Georgia – was renamed after the Arab Emirate Damanus for which it served as the commercial center.

Excursion in Dmanisi Georgia - Archaeological tours in Georgia Country

At the same time you can visit museum to check archaeological excavations of bronze age settlements. What’s more you can See the 1.8 million year-old fossilized remains of the first discovered human couple in Europe whose names sound truly Georgian : Zezva and Mzia! You can also visit old city (VI-XV centuries) remains besides prehistoric site: churches, tunnels, wine cellars, streets and some other objects from middle ages. There is even panoramic view to Mashavera river canyon from the top of fortress. The Museum is open on Tuesday–Sunday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Entrance fee is 3 laris. Public Transportation does not run directly to Dmanisi archeological museum. The best way to visit Dmanisi is by car. The drive takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes from Tbilisi. Marshrutkas leave Tbilisi for Dmanisi once per day from Didube Station. As shown above Dmanisi in Georgia country is very important place – Read more 

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