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Dzama valley

Dzama valley – hidden between valleys of Kartli and Borjomi forests, which is a home to around 50 new and old monasteries, represents a sacred place for Georgians. If you find yourself in the Dzama Gorge, you should see Sarkineti, Shatberdi and Ortubani. There are many impressive valleys in Georgia, but the Dzama Valley is truly remarkable with its historical monuments.

Dzama Valley Georgia

The Valley is also favorite destination for  Jeep Tours as well as for Georgian hikers due to proximity from the capital (120-140km from Tbilisi).

Bateti lake – small lake on the mountain plateau surrounded by mixed forests and beautiful swamp on the southern shore. It’s great destination to feel all colors of the seasons: spring, fall and winter and spring again – like it is in the Korean movie – tranquility, isolation from outside world, purification of your spirit, lake and monasteries, autumn leaves, snowed and frozen lake, fresh colors of spring, like a life cycle. Read more

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    Dzama Valley

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