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Juta Valley – The village of Juta is one of the highest settlements (2200 m) in the municipality of Kazbegi, and is located 24 km from Stepantsminda (8 km of paved road, and the remainder is a dirt road). The Chaukhi mountain range, located near the village, is situated on the main ridge of the Caucasus mountain range, at the source of the river Bakurkhevi. most important destinations in Georgia country

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Juta is also a great destination if you are not planning to hike. You can ride horses, stay in the homestays or just camp in Juta. Feel the beauty of the mountains with your heart – listen to the mountain rivers, take photos with a background of Mt.Chiukhi, arrange a party with your friends in Zeta camping  (2300m).  Read more about the valley

“If you crave a disconnect from civilisation, head to the Juta village. At an altitude of 2250 m, this village is considered one of the highest settlements. What’s more Offers fantastic views of the snow capped mountain ranges and the river Bakurkhevi. Camp overnight at Zeta Camping here overlooking Mt. Chiukhi. This is a definite must for nature lovers & adventure travelers.” What’s more The valley is One of the best location in Georgia country.

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