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Kakheti Georgia

Kakheti Georgia

Kakheti Georgia – The eastern region of Kakheti is Georgia’s premier wine-producing area. Almost everywhere you go, you’ll be invited to drink a glass of wine and it’s easy to find yourself wandering around in a semi-permanent mellow haze. Kakheti is also rich in history: here you’ll find the picturesque hilltop town of Sighnaghi, many beautiful churches, castles and mansions around the main town, Telavi.

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Kakheti – Georgia is the most important wine region in Georgia in quantitative, qualitative and even historic terms. Almost three quarters of the country’s wine grapes are grown here. On land that has been used for viticulture for thousands of years. Kakheti is a region of Eastern Georgia that borders on Tusheti and Russia to the north, and Azerbaijan to the east and the south. The area has a long history of conflict and conquest. Traded back and forth between feudal monarchs. Persian conquerors and Russian imperialists before King David the Builder finally incorporated it into Georgia in the 12th century. Read more about ”Kakheti”

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