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Khareba Wine tunnel

Khareba Wine tunnel

Khareba Wine tunnel is a large and unique Georgian winery offering tours and tastings conducted inside long manmade tunnels lined with wine. Visitors can have a unique experience tasting Khareba wines in a tunnel.

Khareba Wine tunnel – Winery produces three million bottles of wine. Winery Khareba While parking at Khareba visitors are likely to note a shady park area where qvevri are used as decorations and to create a waterfall.

Excursion in Khareba Wine Tunnel - Visit wineries in Georgia

The winery itself is built into a hill on the other side of the parking area. The winery stretches upwards to a fifth floor where views of the land are picturesque. A Georgian flag proudly flies at the entrance to the tunnels. Winery Khareba is constructed of 15 tunnels. Two tunnels reaching 800 meters are parallel to each other and connect the other tunnels that are 500 meters. The walls of the tunnels are lined with thousands of bottles of Khareba wines. The tunnels keeps the temperature relatively constant and cool facilitating the storage of wine.

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