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Kinchkha Waterfall

Kinchkha Waterfall

Kinchkha Waterfall One of the tallest waterfall of Georgia – Kinchkha together with another water abundant waterfall nearby, Okatse Canyon natural monument (just a few km from Kinchkha in Gordi village) with recently built high quality tourist infrastructure – stairs, footpaths offering magnificent views to the canyon and its surroundings make a nice day out in the nature especially in spring when water levels are high and nature is in blossom with flowers all around.

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The waterfall (88 metres high) is located in the Satsiskvilos Valley; where it flows from a massive limestone mountain. Its around 50km from Kutaisi (1 hour) to Gordi ; By bus you cant make it directly to Okatse, you need to take bus to Khoni (appr. 2GEL) which leaves from Kutaisi (bus station at McDonalds) ; From Khoni there are buses to Gordi for around 1 gel. From  Okatse Canyon it is 4-5km to Kinchkha Waterfall where you can take a taxi for 20-30 gel or walk. Kinchkha Waterfalls can not be missed if you like hiking in the nature (Only the first 5 photos are for Okatse, the rest for Kinchkha)! So plan the whole day. As new visitors center is being built in Kinchkha trip to Lomina lakes is advised. Read more abou Kinchkha

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