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Kutaisi Georgia’s third largest metropolitan area and currently serves as the parliamentary legislative capital. It is located in the central western region of Imereti on the banks of the Rioni River.¬†Kutaisi was the capital of the fabled Kingdom of Colchis. The myth of the Golden Fleece originates here as the waters of the Rioni were once panned for gold using sheep skin.

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The city appeal lies in both its natural scenery and its historic and architectural monuments, particularly its unique river bridges. Sacred cathedrals and monastic structures. The city is rich with regional Georgian cuisine, museums and shopping. Kutaisi also serves as a transportation hub for domestic and trans-European air travel, lending a cosmopolitan vibrancy to its small town charm. Qutaisi was once the cultural and intellectual center of Georgia. Qutaisi residents adhere to this ideal and most can tell you the history of the city in detail.

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