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Kvareli Georgia

kvareli Georgia

Kvareli Georgia – located in Kakheti region 130km from Tbilisi and 40km from Telavi,  is a small city off on the forested slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Yvareli is charming town- place which to my mind, can perfectly describe Caucasus and all what tourists like about Georgia: Gremi and Nekresi churches on the mountain slopes with nice forests, fresoces and amazing views, wineries including Khareba winery which is one of the big and spectacular, 2 artificial lakes at the edge of mountains and surrounded by forests with of the best hotels located in Georgian countryside. Wine lovers, nature fans, and history connoisseurs will all find something for themselves here! Wine is the blood of Kakheti and of Georgia, and yvareli is an important vessel. Read more

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