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Okatse Canyon

Okatse Canyon

The Okatse Canyon has already attracted and amazed large number of tourists with its magnificent wild nature, astonishing waterfalls and breathtaking views.

Okatse’s Canyon  Located in the Western Georgia, near the village of Gordi, the canyon runs roughly for 14 kilometers, width ranges from 3-6 to 15-20 meters, while its depth is between 20-100 meters. The number of visitors are enchanted also by the size and number of the waterfalls. The highest one is named Oskhapo (60 m)

Excursion in Okatse Canyon to Georgia Country

A visitor’s centre is located along with a hanging path 250 m in length, as well as a 500 m path through the canyon and forest, a walking path of 2 km and an observation spot with panoramic views of the entire valley. There are also several natural stone bridges on the river and caves in the canyon, from where Karst waters flow.

Caution: Metal steers with 988 footsteps lead you down from here to 780 meters long cliff walkway. The depth of Okatse Canyon varies from 20 to 100 meters. Those who have acrophobia (fair of heights) walking along the hanging cliff walkway is not recommended.

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