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prometheus cave

prometheus cave

Prometheus cave – Kumistavi cave, also known as the cave of Promethe, is located near the Georgian town of Tskhaltubo, 20 km away from Kutaisi in Imereti region in the West of the country. It takes about an hour to explore it. Inside there are underground lakes and rivers; rather high humidity and a lot of bats, which, however, do not bother tourists, as they fly very high.

Excursion In prometheus cave - Day tour in Promete caves Georgia

Cave is one of the most touristy spots of Georgia. It is a unique experience to feel the underworld atmosphere in all its glory and colors. Tourists may choose between walking tours along the 1600 meters route, and the boat ride along the underground river. Prometheus Cave 1 hour tourist route passes through Argonauts Hall, Kolkheti Hall, Medea Hall, Love Hall, Promethe Hall and Iberia Hall. The trail finishes by pedestrian or boating tour on an underground flow of river Kumi. It takes 10-15 minutes. Due to visitors’ safety boating is prohibited if the water level rises in the cave. Read more about ”Promete Cave in Georgia”

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