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Samtavro monastery

Samtavro monastery in Mtskheta was built on the place called ‘ Zemo Ecclesia ’ (Upper Church). It was located in the capital city of the : Eastern Georgian Kingdom Iberia in Mtskheta in 30s of the 4th century. The first Christian royal couple – King Mirian and Qween Nana are buried here. Since the 480 s ” Samtavro ” became an Episcopal see. Since the beginning of 19th century it has become a convent.

Samtavro monastery – Transfiguration Orthodox Church was built in the 1030 – 1040 s in the town Mtskheta. The preserved mural paintings in the altar conch and in the dome are dated to the mid-17th century.

Samtavro monastery | Excursion in Samtavro Monastery Mtskheta Georgia

The archaeological excavations revealed the remains of a large church that had been standing here before 11th century. Eastwards of the Church there is a small early medieval church of St. Nino. What’s more Its mural paintings are dated to 19th century. On the North of the Church there is a three storied bell tower of 15-16th centuries. A cylindrical tower of 18th century is preserved in the wall of the monastery that was restored in 19th century. Read more 


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