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Georgia Country tour

Georgia Country tour – Georgian Voyage Team offering adventure tour in Georgia for 17 Days. Our package starting from meeting at the airport and ending there – departure. During adventure Tour we will stay in three cities: Tbilisi, Shatili, Gudauri, Borjomi, Kutaisi, Svaneti- Mestia, Batumi.

Tour package in Georgia

Package starting from Tbilisi city tour. During the tour we will show you the main sightseeing in Georgia: caves, Canyons, Svaneti Region, Batumi Miracle. After Tbilisi we will see Shatili Old stone village Mutso. Then we will go To Kazbegi Direction and see a lots off Amazing views. Then Borjomi The green city with Vardzia caves and Rabati castle. after we will go to Imereti Region and see Their Pilgrim places with Sataplia and promete caves and martvili Canyon. After Imereti will go to Svaneti Region. There we will meet Georgian History Svanian castles. The last region will be Batumi. “The pearl of the Black See”.Georgia Country tour. Georgia Country tour

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  • 3* Hotel Accommodation  
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  • Transfer to the airport  
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Georgia Country tour
Tour Schedule – for more information see (TOUR PLAN )   | Tour can be simulate upon costumer request
Day 1   Arrival at the Tbilisi/Batumi/Kutaisi International Airport, where will meet you our company’s representative. Check in  hotel in Tbilisi - overnight in Tbilisi.
Day 2   Tbilisi city tour
Day 3   Tbilisi hotel - Trip to Shatili - overnight in Shatili.
Day 4   Shatili - Trip to Mutso - overnight in Shatili
Day 5   Shatili hotel - Ananuri castle - Gudauri view point - Truso valley - overnight in kazbegi/or Gudauri.
Day 6   Kazbegi/Gudauri hotel -  Juta valley - Gveleti waterfall - Gergeti Trinity Church - overnight in kazbegi or Gudauri.
Day 7   Kazbegi/Gudauri hotel - Unesco haritage in Mtskheta (Svetickhoveli cathedral - Jvari monastery) Stalin's museum - Upliscikhe caves - overnight in Borjomi.
Day 8   Borjomi - Green monastery - Borjomi national park - day off - overnight in Borjomi.
Day 9   Borjomi hotel  - Rabati castle - Khertvisi castle - Vardzia caves - overnight in Kutaisi.
Day 10   Kutaisi hotel  - Motsameta church - UNESCO heritage in Kutaisi - (Bagrati cathedral, Gelati monastery)  - Sataplia caves - Promete caves - overnight in Kutaisi
Day 11   kutaisi hotel - Martvili canyon - trip to Mestia - overnight in Mestia
Day 12   Mestia, UNESCO heritage - Ushguli - overnight in Mestia
Day 13   Mestia - Mestia musueum - day off Mestia
Day 14   Mestia hotel - Dadian's palace - trip to Batumi - overnight in Batumi
Day 15   Batumi city tour
Day 16   Day off  Batumi - Tsitsinatela park
Day 17   Batumi hotel - Transfer to the Batumi/Kutaisi/Tbilisi international airport

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Georgia Country tour

  • Destination
  • Departure
    Tbilisi / Batumi / Kutaisi International Airports
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    On Agreement
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  • Included
    Long Adventure
  • Not Included
    Traditional restaurant
    Fly Tickets
    Accommodation in economy / premium class hotel
    Transfer from the airport
    Transfer to the airport
    Entry fees ( on agreement )
    Tour guide
    Car with driver
Day 1
Arrival at the Tbilisi/Batumi/Kutaisi International Airport, where will meet you our company’s representative. Check in  hotel in Tbilisi - overnight in Tbilisi
Day 2
Tbilisi city tour
After breakfast at the hotel Georgian voyage team will orginize your pick up. Tour Starts at 10:00 am. Tbilisi city tour starts from  Tbilisi GeorgiaTrinity cathedral (1995-2004), the highest one in Georgia. That’s the place where the Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia arranges public baptism every year. Take a nice walk on Sharden street, en-route you can see the small sculpture of Tamada (toast master). Continue to Sioni cathedral from the 13th c. And Erekle II Street full of nice cafes, bars. Cross the glass Bridge of Peace. Get in the cable car and drive up to Tbilisi GeorgiaNarikala fortress 4th c. Stroll down to the mosque, Tbilisi Georgialittle canyon and waterfall in Legvtakhevi area. Continue to Abanotubani, sulfur bath houses. Here you can see the colorful bath (ChreliAbano) Alexander Pushkin’s favorite one. Finish the old city tour at Maidan square. Overnight in Tbilisi hotel
Day 3
Tbilisi hotel - Trip to Shatili - overnight in Shatili
  • shatili tourShatili - historic highland village in Georgia. The village is actually a unique complex of medieval-to-early modern fortresses and fortified dwellings of stone and mortar. Shatili is a small village centered around a mideval fortress on the border of Chechenya and Georgia in the Khevsureti region. It is on UNESCO’s world heritage list. On the map it might seem like a short trip, only about 140 km north of Tbilisi. But that piece of road probably contains some of the most satisfactory kilometers an average sesationseeking personality will ever experience.
Day 4
Shatili - Trip to Mutso - overnight in Shatili
  • shatili tourMutso - is the last settlement area of Khevsureti. What makes Mutso so interesting, is its ruined city hanging above it on a rocky land. The hike up there is quite challenging but is worth every step as you get rewarded with gorgeous views of the valley.
Day 5
Shatili hotel - Ananuri castle - Gudauri view point - Truso valley - overnight in kazbegi/or Gudauri
  • Travel to GeorgiaAnanuri castleAnanuri fortress is a sixteenth century castle complex on the Aragvi River. The fortress stands beside the famous Georgian Military Highway, overlooking a large Jinvali lake. Its high, turreted stone walls protect two churches, a watch tower and a reservoir. The main church facade is beautifully carved with animal, floral and Celtic style patterns
  • Travel to GeorgiaGudauri view pointA huge curving stone-plated concrete structure, Russian Georgian Friendship Monument was built in 1983 to commemorate the bicentennial of the Treaty of Georgievsk, which put Georgia under Russian protectorate.
  • The beautiful Truso Valley, source of the Tergi River, heads west off the Georgian Military Hwy 17km south of Kazbegi. It's dotted with ancient towers, abandoned Ossetian villages and strange mineral phenomena, notably the Abano mineral lake which bubbles with carbon dioxide.
Day 6
Kazbegi/Gudauri hotel -  Juta valley - Gveleti waterfall - Gergeti Trinity Church - overnight in kazbegi or Gudauri
  • Juta tourThe Sno valley runs southeast off the Georgian Military Highway from Achkhoti village, 4km south of Kazbegi. The small village of Juta (2150m), an outpost of the Khevsur people from over the mountains to the east, is about 15km along the mostly unpaved valley road and a starting point for some great hikes.
  • Gveleti waterfall - The waterfall is located in the village of Gveleti, 7 km from the town of Stepantsminda. You must first drive through the stunning Dariali Gorge, from which a short, leisurely hike up a narrow footpath leads the way to the Gveleti waterfallGveleti means "place of snakes" in Georgian, so keep an eye out for local wildlife!
  • Kazbegi tourNear the village of Gergeti, outside the town of Stephantsminda, in Georgia, lies the isolated Gergeti Trinity Church. Also called the Holy Trinity Church, it sits on top of a mountain near Mount Kazbegi, one of the highest and most beautiful peaks of Caucasus, at an elevation of 2170 meters.
Day 7
Kazbegi/Gudauri hotel - Unesco haritage in Mtskheta (Svetickhoveli cathedral - Jvari monastery) Stalin's museum - Upliscikhe caves - overnight in Borjomi
  • Mtskheta tourSvetickhovei cathedral is the main Christian Orthodox Cathedral in Georgia, built in 1010-1029 cc by the Georgian architect Arsukisdze and represents the high artistic value of Feudal time’s architecture. It was the main pilgrimage place on the Silk Road, the burial place of the Christ’s Robe, the tomb place of Georgian Kings and the most frequently visited place in Georgia. It is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located in the historical town of Mtskheta, the former capital of the kingdom of Iberia.
  • Mtskheta tourJvari monastery  is the masterpiece of Early Christian Orthodox architecture, which is dated 585-604 cc AD. Located on the hill top near the town Mtskheta, it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1994. The name is translated as the Monastery of the Cross.
  • stalin's museumIoseb Stalin's State Museum- museum complex consists of memorial house, where Stalin was born, exposition building with tower and Stalin’s personal coach with interior, by which he had travelled to Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam. Museum houses Stalin’s personal things, study room of Kremlin, manuscripts, gifts from over the world, Stalin’s mask and paintings.
  • UPLISCIKHE TOURUplistsikhe caves - Located in Eastern Georgia, is an abandoned rock-hewn town, which once have played an important role in Georgian history. The place was founded in the late Bronze Age, around 1000 BC, and continued to be inhabited until 13th century AD.
Day 8
Borjomi - Green monastery - Borjomi national park - day off - overnight in Borjomi
  • green monastery tourGeorge's Monastery is located in a picturesque place in the Borjomi valley. People called it lovingly “The Green Monastery”, because all the trees in the valley are of a special green color. The stones, with which the church is built, are also green, the most visited place in Borjomi neighborhood.
  • borjomi tourBorjomi – Kharagauli National Park is one of the largest national parks in Europe. It includes 6 administrative units, namely, Borjomi, Kharagauli, Khashuri, Kutaisi, Akhaltsikhe, Abastumani and Bagdati areas. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park administration covers Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park as such, Borjomi Nature Reserve (IUCN Category I, founded in 1935, the area of ​​14 820.6 ha, purpose of foundation – protection of unique woodlands and Caucasian deer Cervus elaphus maral ) and Nedzvi Reserve (IUCN Category IV, 8992 ha, was established in 1995 with the purpose of protection of Caucasian fir (abies nordmanniana), unique stands and lynx).
  •  The Romanovs palace, which is referred to as the Fourth Department, is dated from the nineteenth century. Once this was a place for wheat threshing. Mikhail Romanov's son liked the area of Likani, and decided to use it for his summer residence. Under the order of Nicholas Romanov, the palace was built by the architect Leontin Benua in 1892-1895. The residence then became a tourist resort. During Soviet times, a lot of tourists from different countries visited the palace. It is interesting to note that Joseph Stalin had also rested here periodically.
Day 9
Borjomi hotel  - Rabati castle - Khertvisi castle - Vardzia caves - overnight in Kutaisi
  • Rabati CastleRabati Castle was built in the 13th century, Rabati castle developed under the influence of different cultures over subsequent centuries and this is reflected in its architecture. Within the 7 hectares castle complex there is a Church, a Mosque, a Minaret and a Synagogue.
  • Khertvisi tourKhertvisi fortress is one of the oldest fortresses in Georgia and was functional throughout the Georgian feudal period. It is situated in Southern Georgia, in Meskheti region. The fortress was first build in the 2nd century BC. The church was built in 985, and the present walls build in 1354. As the legend says, Khertvisi was destroyed by Alexander the Great.
  • vardzia tourVardzia caves was erected in the 12 th – 13 th centuries during the rule of George III and his daughter of Tamara for the purpose of the southern boundaries of Georgia protection. It is a multi-storied complex with streets, tunnels and stairs leading to monasteries, temples, fortresses, baths, libraries dwelling houses and so forth.
Day 10
Kutaisi hotel  - Motsameta church - UNESCO heritage in Kutaisi - (Bagrati cathedral, Gelati monastery)  - Sataplia caves - Promete caves - overnight in Kutaisi
  • travel to georgiaMotsameta Monastery is located 6 kilometers from Kutaisi. The present day church dates back to the 11th century, but historic records show that a church was constructed in this spot as early as the 8th century. Motsameta attracts crowds of tourists with an ancient superstition: if one crawls three times under the ark and makes a wish while touching the hallows, the wish will come true.
  • travel to georgiaGelati Monastery is a masterpiece of the Golden Age of medieval Georgia. Gelati was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2006 was included on the list of Unmovable Monuments of Georgian Cultural Heritage.
  • Bagrati- symbol of united Georgia. The Cathedral of King Bagrati in Kutaisi ranks among the best monuments of Georgian architecture. The constructions began in the last quarter of the 10th century. Now it’s in UNESCO World Heritage.
  • sataplia tourSataplia cave is a rather small cave located in Tskaltubo, Georgia. It is famous for fine speleothems and the dinosaur footprints nearby. The tour enters the through-cave on one hillside, crosses the hill underground and then goes back on the surface past the dinosaur footprints.
  • Promete tourPrometheus Cave - one of Georgia's natural wonders providing visitors with breathtaking examples of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes.
Day 11
kutaisi hotel - Martvili canyon - trip to Mestia - overnight in Mestia
  • martvili tourThe Martvili Canyons in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region are named after the nearby town of Martvili. The spectacular canyons, caves and waterfalls were formed over time by the Abasha River and feature beautiful green and blue colors.
  • mestia tourMestia - the most original and mysterious area of Georgia hiding high in the mountains. This wonderful little town lying at an altitude of 1,500 meters in an area of steppe that rises gradually up towards the surrounding Greater Caucasus Mountains.
Day 12
Mestia, UNESCO heritage - Ushguli - overnight in Mestia
  • ushguli tourUshguli - UNESCO world heritage site is the highest permanently inhabited village in Europe, located in Svaneti, at the feet of Shkhara, one of the highest Caucasian summits. About 70 families, approximately 250 people live in the village, which dates back more than 2000 years
Day 13
Mestia - Mestia musueum - day off Mestia
  • Mestia musueum - The museum houses more than 4.000 items: archaeological objects discovered in Svaneti region, unique samples of engraved and painted icons, religious objects, manuscripts. New Testaments, weapons and armor, iron and cooper items, wooden ethnographic objects, adornments, silverware, textiles, etc.
Day 14
Mestia hotel - Dadian's palace - trip to Batumi - overnight in Batumi
  • dadian's palaceDadiani Palace is a historical building, which is a museum as well. It is located in Zugdidi that is in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region of Georgia. It is one of the most eminent palaces in the whole Caucasus region.
  • Tbilisi Batumi tourBatumi—the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” as it is often called—is located in the autonomous republic of Adjara. European architects undertook numerous projects in Batumi at the beginning of the 20th century, and today it remains a hub of architectural innovation. Batumi’s interesting historical past has considerably influenced the architectural diversity of city (a number of projects were completed by European architects during the Porto Franco period). Old Batumi’s most historical part is stretched between the seaport and the Boulevard, and features distinctive building facades and balconies.
Day 15
Batumi city tour
travel in georgiaBatumi Boulevard  The coastal line of the boulevard has been beautified with bungalows, café-lounges, restaurants, children’s attractions, benches, sculptures and dancing fountains—making it one of the city’s most attractive tourist destinations. Batumi Botanical Garden  Boasting one of the widest varieties of flora in the world, the garden is 111 hectares and contains flora from nine phyto-geographic areas: East Asia, North America, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, the Mediterranean, and the Caucasian humid subtropics. Visitors can wander the botanical garden by foot or in carts, which can be rented from the garden’s administration. Dolphinarium  Located within the 6th of May Park, the Batumi Dolphinarium is one of the most-visited tourist attractions in Batumi. The affordably priced and wildly entertaining dolphin show is done in Georgian, Russian, and English. With its construction beginning in 1881, the 6th of May Park is one of Georgia’s oldest public parks. Piazza Batumi  Piazza Batumi is one of the most beautiful squares in Georgia. There are several hotels, cafés, and restaurants located on Piazza Batumi. In just a few short years, the square has become a popular international entertainment venue. It has recently hosted concerts by famous Georgian and foreign performers, including Placido Domingo, Chris Botti, Sting, Macy Grey, Michel Legrand and Tamar Gverdtsiteli. Argo Entertainment Center And Batumi Cable Car 2 km of cable car link Batumi's waterfront with the Argo Entertainment Center development on Anuria Mountain, sitting at 250 meters above sea level. The complex offers spectacular views of the town, the Black Sea, and the surrounding mountains. The center includes restaurants, cafes, retail shops, open air halls, and roof terraces. Gonio-Apsaros Fortress  Gonio-Apsaros Fortress is located 12 km south of Batumi, on the left bank of the River Chorokhi. One of the Georgia’s most ancient settlements was located around this fortress. Due to its strategic location, Gonio-Apsaros became a supporting citadel first for the Romans and later to the Byzantines and Ottomans along the eastern Black Sea coastline. Respectively, the fortress has several layers: the Roman layer (3rd-4th cc BC), the Byzantine layer (6th-7th cc AD) and the Ottoman layer (16th c AD)
Day 16
Day off  Batumi - Tsitsinatela park
Black sea's day, during evening time we can go to Tsitsinatelatsitsinatela park near KobuleTi • "" is the European standard amusement park, opened in 2006. "Tsitsinatela" in Georgian means "firefly." The park is located near the town of Kobuleti. There are the following objects operating on the park territory: the Ferris wheel, about 40 attractions, entertainment rooms, carousels, slot machines hall, karting and bowling club, as well as a pizzeria and a coffee
Day 17
Batumi hotel - Transfer to the Batumi/Kutaisi/Tbilisi international airport
airport transfer