Hunting in Georgia Caucasus

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Hunting in Georgia Caucasus

Georgian Voyage Team offering Hunting in Georgia Caucasus. Our Trip for 5 days starting From Meeting at Tbilisi international airport and ending there. During the tour there will be professional guide with our guest. Tour – Each day can be simulated up on customers request. To see Our days shcedule check “tour plan”.
In case hunting time is not important for some guests, we can divide Our group, “Hunters” And “Tourists” They can take Standard day trips in Our country.

Hunting destinations in Georgia

Hunting rules for hunters:

1. Hunting is allowed only with smooth barrel rifles.

2. Prohibited:

  • shooting aimlessly;
  • being affected by alcohol or drugs while hunting;
  • charging or disposing the weapon without instructor’s instructions.
Tour Program:
  1. Transfer from the hotel to the hunting farm at 5:00 a.m
  2. Providing with weapons and hunting equipment.
  3. Instructing hunting rules and familiarizing with hunting site
  4. Hunting.
  5. Returning to the hotel.

Hunting the Colchic Pheasant starts at about 6:00 a.m.

While hunting with instructors you can be provided with hunting dogs as well as with hunting equipment, rifles and cartridges. These requirements should be ordered in advance.

Hunted stuff

Annual monitoring of animals and birds is conducted in hunting farm and there is a zoological audit report.

After hunting all hunted stuff will be given to the hunter. You can take photos with everything you hunt on the farm.


The price of hunting Colchic Pheasant is 200 euros per person, in this case the hunter is allowed to hunt 3 pheasant for free, in case of additional hunted birds the price per bird is 50 euros.

Our company recommends you to have your own rifles. In case of not having the rifle we can provide you with guns and all necessary equipment on the scene. The extra cost of certain amount of cartridges you need is 60 euros per person.

Payment must be done in advance along with the deposit. The deposit is 120 euros per hunter.

Previous experience shows that each hunter can obtain more than 3 pheasant and the deposit will cover all extra hunted pheasants. In case of 3 or less hunted pheasants the deposit will be fully returned after hunting.


The cost of the tour includes: hunting fees, transportation from the hotel to the hunting site and back, guide, instructor’s service, hunting dogs, one bottle of drinking water.

The tour does not include airplane tickets, visa fees, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, alcohol and soft drinks.

The minimum number of hunters is 4 and the maximum is 6.

Hunters are required to have camouflaged clothing (preferably waterproof), cartridge belt, boots and a raincoat.

Booking the tour is desirable one week in advance.

Hunting farm

Hunting farm is only 75-80 km away from Tbilisi and is located in Sagarejo region and called ‘Korughi reservation’. Coming from the Caucasus Mountains the river Iori crosses this reservation and in some places creates riverside copse and groves. The total area of hunting farm is 1000 hectares, 90% of which is covered with forests, groves, rivers and lakes.


The hunting farm is the habitat for the Colchic Pheasants, partridges, ducks, rabbits, wild boar as well as for predators wolves, jackals, wild cats, foxes and others. Hunting is allowed according to the predetermined hunting season and different rates are established.

For tourists, who are interested in hunting in Georgia, this hunting farm is a very attractive place. The environment and the hunting conditions are the best for hunters in order to relax, have pleasure and enjoy hunting different kinds of wild birds and animals.

Hunting tour in Georgia

Georgia has an impressive diversity of fauna that makes this country attractive for Big Game as well as Small Game Hunters. Georgia is an important migration point for birds, passing through the border, which according to the season is a great opportunity to hunt more, than thirty different species of birds. When it comes to hunting activities of other animals and birds, there are specially located hunting farms allowing hunting across different parts of Georgia. Also Georgian lakes and rivers boast with variety of fish species. Major ones are trout, common carp, vendace, chub, crucian carp, silver carp, bighead carp and barbel. The best places for fishing are Paliastomi and Paravani lakes, Tkibuli and Shaori reservoirs, Black Sea coast of Samegrelo region, especially Anaklia. In Alazani and Aragvi rivers you can catch catfish and carp. There are also fish farms near Kutaisi and Kazbegi, and lake resorts Lopota and Kvareli, where you are charged for fishing, but you can also rent the equipment there, and be sure that your catch is guaranteed!

  • Destination
  • Included
    Hunting in Georgia Caucasus
    Accommodation in economy / premium class hotel
    Transfer from the airport
    Transfer to the airport
    Entry fees ( on agreement )
    Tour guide
    Car with driver
  • Not Included
    Traditional restaurant
    Fly Tickets