Yoga tour

$800 per person

Yoga tour Georgia country

Yoga tour Georgia country – Georgian Voyage team offering 6 Day hiking and Yoga tours with Yoga instructor in Georgia. Our package starting from transfer from the airport. During second day we will make – Tbilisi city tour.  Mtskheta tour with trip to Kazbegi and overnight there. Neighborhood of kazbegi there is several hiking and yoga places – first one Meteo in Kazbegi and second one – the most beautiful place – Juta valley The last stop in kazbegi or Gudauri hotel.  After 5 days during the last day we will organize – Departure, Transfer to he airport. Due to Georgia – country in Caucasus location we have a lot of amazing places for Hiking and retreat, Georgian Voyage team offering the best Plans in Georgia county with local Guides.  Most visited Destinations in Georgia

Yoga tour Georgia country

Don’t you want to let go of stress, anger, exhaustion or any other negativity impacting your life? Do you desire to relax and enjoy some quality me-time? Breathe in, breathe out. Your happiness retreat honors the breath and the breath is life! To breathe properly is to be inspired, fully alive. This retreat program takes you to surreal beautiful place in Georgia where devotion to ancient traditions and untouched beauty are simply a part of the daily lifestyle.

      IN tour Included

  • Car with driver  
  • 3* Hotel Accommodation  
  • Tour Guide  
  • Entrance fees   
  • Breakfast  
  • Transfer to the airport  
  • Meeting at the airport  

    In tour excluded

  • Fly Tickets  X
  • Insurance  X
  • Eating costs X

Tour Schedule–for more information see(TOUR PLAN Tour can be simulate upon costumer request

1 Day    Arrival at the Tbilisi/Batumi/Kutaisi International Airport. where will meet you our company’s representative. Check in  hotel in Tbilisi – overnight in Tbilisi

2 Day    Tbilisi city tour.

3 Day    Tbilisi hotel – Trip to Mtskheta – (Svetickhoveli cathedral – Jvari monastery) trip to Kazbegi – Ananuri castle – Gudauri view point – Gergeti trinity church – overnight in Kazbegi/Gudauri.

4 Day    Kazbegi/Gudauri hotel –  Juta valley – Abudelauri lakes – overnight in kazbegi or Gudauri.

5 Day    Kazbegi/Gudauri hotel –  Kazbegi – Hiking to glacier – overnight in kazbegi or Gudauri.

6 Day    Gudauri hotel – Transfer to the Tbilisi/Batumi/Kutaisi Tbilisi international airport.

Yoga tour Georgia country

  • Included
    Yoga tour
    Accommodation in economy / premium class hotel
    Transfer from the airport
    Transfer to the airport
    Entry fees ( on agreement )
    Tour guide
    Car with driver
  • Not Included
    Traditional restaurant
    Fly Tickets
Day 1
Arrival at the Tbilisi/Batumi/Kutaisi International Airport, where will meet you our company’s representative. Check in  hotel in Tbilisi - overnight in Tbilisi
Day 2
Tbilisi city tour
After breakfast at the hotel Georgian voyage team will orginize your pick up. Tour Starts at 10:00 am. Tbilisi city tour starts from  Tbilisi GeorgiaTrinity cathedral (1995-2004), the highest one in Georgia. That’s the place where the Catholicos-Patriarch of all Georgia arranges public baptism every year. Take a nice walk on Sharden street, en-route you can see the small sculpture of Tamada (toast master). Continue to Sioni cathedral from the 13th c. And Erekle II Street full of nice cafes, bars. Cross the glass Bridge of Peace. Get in the cable car and drive up to Tbilisi GeorgiaNarikala fortress 4th c. Stroll down to the mosque, Tbilisi Georgialittle canyon and waterfall in Legvtakhevi area. Continue to Abanotubani, sulfur bath houses. Here you can see the colorful bath (ChreliAbano) Alexander Pushkin’s favorite one. Finish the old city tour at Maidan square. Overnight in Tbilisi hotel
Day 3
Tbilisi hotel - Trip to Mtskheta - (Svetickhoveli cathedral - Jvari monastery) trip to Kazbegi - Ananuri castle - Gudauri view point - Gergeti trinity church - overnight in Kazbegi
  • Svetickhoveli cathedralTravel to Georgia is the main Christian Orthodox Cathedral in Georgia, built in 1010-1029 cc by the Georgian architect Arsukisdze and represents the high artistic value of Feudal time’s architecture. It was the main pilgrimage place on the Silk Road, the burial place of the Christ’s Robe, the tomb place of Georgian Kings and the most frequently visited place in Georgia. It is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located in the historical town of Mtskheta, the former capital of the kingdom of Iberia.
  • Jvari monasteryTravel to Georgia  is the masterpiece of Early Christian Orthodox architecture, which is dated 585-604 cc AD. Located on the hill top near the town Mtskheta, it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1994. The name is translated as the Monastery of the Cross.
  • Ananuri castleTravel to Georgiafortress is a sixteenth century castle complex on the Aragvi River. The fortress stands beside the famous Georgian Military Highway, overlooking a large Jinvali lake. Its high, turreted stone walls protect two churches, a watch tower and a reservoir. The main church facade is beautifully carved with animal, floral and Celtic style patterns
  • Gudauri view pointTravel to GeorgiaA huge curving stone-plated concrete structure, Russian Georgian Friendship Monument was built in 1983 to commemorate the bicentennial of the Treaty of Georgievsk, which put Georgia under Russian protectorate.
  • Gergeti trinity church In KazbegiKazbegi tour - This architectural complex from the XIV century is located in the village of Gergeti, 6 km from the town of Stepantsminda, at a height of 2200 m. The complex includes Holy Trinity Cathedral, constructed in the XIV century, the bell tower built in the XIV century, and clergy houses from the XV century. You can hike up to the complex in about two hours, hire a driver, or even rent a horse
Day 4
Kazbegi/Gudauri hotel -  Juta valley - Abudelauri lakes - overnight in kazbegi or Gudauri
  • Juta valley runs southeast off the Georgian Military Highway from Achkhoti village, 4km south of Kazbegi. The small village of Juta (2150m), an outpost of the Khevsur people from over the mountains to the east, is about 15km along the mostly unpaved valley road and a starting point for some great hikes.
  • abudelauri lakes voyageHiking from Juta to Abudelauri lakes,  On the southern slopes of the Caucasus mountain range are located three unique lakes united by one name – Abudelauri Lakes. These hidden in the mountains gems are also called Colorful Lakes, and the thing is that each of them has its own color and peculiarities. The most beautiful is Blue Lake surrounded by thickets of rhododendron. White Lake has milky color and is the deepest and the highest. Green Lake is shallow and the water in it has a greenish tint because of the reflecting in the water  green. The lakes are located not far from each other, at a distance of about 1.5 km. Each of them has volcanic character, and they are fed by melt water of a mountain river. Most of the year they are covered with ice.
Day 5
Kazbegi/Gudauri hotel -  Kazbegi - Hiking to glacier - overnight in kazbegi or Gudauri
  • Kazbegi Mountain (or Mkinvartsveri) is the third highest mountain in Georgia. Covered with 135 square kilometres of glacier, Kazbegi is a great place for ice climbing and mountaineering. The steep valleys either side of the gorge are great places for bird watching. Eagles, hawks and the massive griffon vultures all nest among the rocky outcrops. The town of Stepantsminda (also called Kazbegi) itself is charming and a wonderful base camp for exploring the region further. There are many guesthouses where locals are happy to treat you like family, rustic and beautiful with views of the mountains, and often the picturesque Gergeti Trinity Church.
  • Glacier Nice one-day hike from Kazbegi (Stepanstsminda) village to the foot of Gergeti glacier covering Mt. Kazbek at the elevation of 3200 meters. On the way, you will pass beautifully situated Gergeti Trinity church, probably the most famous Georgian landmark. t is the third-highest peak in Georgia (after Mount Shkhara and Janga) and the seventh-highest summit in the Caucasus Mountains. Kazbek is also the second-highest volcanic summit in the Caucasus, after Mount Elbrus. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepantsmindaand is the most prominent geographic feature of the area. Mount Kazbek is the highest peak of Eastern Georgia. The name in Georgian, Mqinvartsveri, translates to "Glacier Peak" or "Freezing Cold Peak".The Vainakh name Bashlam translates as "Molten Mount".
Day 6
Gudauri hotel - Transfer to the Tbilisi/Batumi/Kutaisi Tbilisi international airport