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Vardzia cave city

Vardzia cave city

vardzia cave town – located in Georgia county. 18 km from Akhalkalaki right next to the border with Turkey. The city was erected in the 12 th – 13 th centuries during the rule of George III and his daughter of Tamara for the purpose of the southern boundaries of Georgia protection. The cave city – It is a multi-storied (!) complex with streets. Tunnels and stairs leading to monasteries, temples, fortresses, baths, libraries dwelling houses and so forth

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All in all there are over 600 premises connected by passages. Which stretched along the mountain for as long as 800 meters. To the depth of 50 meters standing 8 levels tall. In case of an enemy attack the monastery turned into a fortress for inhabitants and could host up to 20, 000 people. visit Vardzia’s cave town in Georgia Country. Read more .

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